Project Description

7-Eleven (Augmented Reality) Culture Launch Campaign

Pre Launch Teaser Campaign

Teaser Posters

Teaser Poster on office wall

Teaser Screensaver

First Teaser EDM

Second Teaser EDM

Third Teaser EDM

Carton Packaging for materials couriered

Launch Campaign

Culture Statement branding

Culture Statement reveal in launch day EDM

Launch Screensaver with Statement and Values

Launch Posters

Launch Pull up banners

Launch Balloons

Launch Overhead Danglers

Launch Brand Takeovers

Launch Secure Microsite

Launch Secure Microsite

Launch (Private) Microsite

Launch iPads – 4 Augmented Reality Films

Launch Toilet Ambient Decal

Launch Augmented Reality cards pack

Augmented Reality film card – Jake

Augmented Reality film card – Julia

Augmented Reality film card – Stuart and Julie

Augmented Reality film card – Ben

Culture Statement and Values Card

Augmented Reality Film – Jake’s extraordinary moment

Augmented Reality Film – Ben’s extraordinary moment

Augmented Reality Film – Stuart and Julie’s extraordinary moment

Augmented Reality Film – Julia’s extraordinary moment

Culture Statement office installation