Expect the unexpected, every time.

A Creative Design Agency Melbourne that strives to deliver the unexpected, every time. Storytelling is at the heart of what we do. Using a mix of Strategy, Creative Direction, Design, our end-to-end services and our driven team, we go well beyond the brief and exceed your expectations on every project. And we’re very easy to deal with, even if we may say so ourselves. We like to keep things fresh and exciting not just for us, but for you and your audiences as well.

A Creative Design Agency that delivers results

Cre8ivedge – Creative Brand Agency Melbourne is passionate about producing work that gets results. We gain a thorough understanding of your business and the impact that you want to have on your audience and use these insights to craft a creative execution for your business. We recognise the main reason businesses like to work with us is because we not only deliver creative that is unexpected and impactful, but one that always gets the desired results.

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Be innovative and engaging with your employees to keep it fresh and exciting

At the heart of every great company are teams of passionate employees, who often drive a brand’s success. So whether you’re innovating with products and services, looking to change brand direction and culture, or rewarding performance and loyalty within the company – we’ll deliver exciting and compelling communication, using the latest technology and media available to us, that will positively inspire and motivate your biggest asset – your people.



Create a brand identity that’s unique to your business, driven by purpose and positioning

Your brand identity is key to consumers knowing who you are, and promotes ‘brand recognition’, so that when your audience sees your website, ads, signage, collateral, they instantly know who you are. We are driven by your brand purpose and positioning to develop a strong brand identity for you, that is unique, consistent and focused.



A clever twist in your communication always gets the audience’s attention

Get a better return on your marketing investment with clever, thought provoking visual communication. Whether it be a poster in the office kitchen, or a pull up banner or just some social media ads. If it’s clever, it will be noticed and that’s the first step in a battle worth winning. Especially with everyone screaming for attention these days!



Being strategic about your digital content and accounting for the social media mindset can get your business noticed

A good place to start is choosing where to place your ads. It is also helpful to know which networks are most popular with your target audience. Networks where your content naturally strikes a chord are an obvious choice for your social ad campaigns. So whether, you’re trying to build brand awareness, send traffic to your website, increase engagement or just encourage people to communicate with you on Facebook Messenger, we can help get you what you’re looking for.



Impactful and creative marketing campaigns always create a lasting impression

Creative messages get more attention and lead to positive attitudes about the products or services being marketed. Tailoring this messaging to suit the audience can lead to influencing purchasing behaviour as well creating a lasting impression. Being original, flexible, impactful, creative and unexpected has been known to double sales impact within some industries.



An effective UX and a stunning UI can increase sales potential and give your visitors a user-friendly experience

Boost your business with a strategically developed creative website, using one of the most popular Content Management Systems in use on the web today. We offer design and development, building device-responsive websites that are optimised to look great and work well on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops giving your audience an excellent user experience.



Creating a powerful app, starts from understanding your users, delivering a simple, yet intuitive user experience and ensuring it’s fast and stable.

A great app starts with a unique idea and how you market the app once it’s produced, may end up being the strategy behind the app’s visibility and potential exposure. In the end, however, it’s always the true value that your app offers which creates its success and retains users. The good news is, we can help with both! Give us a buzz and we’ll surely bring your idea to life!



Videos are known to boost conversions and sales. These days video and mobiles go hand in hand.

90% of consumers watch videos on their mobiles and if nothing else can convince you to turn to videos as a tool to market your product or service. Google loves videos which can help in your page ranking. Since people like to watch videos on the go, and the number of smartphone users are growing, your video audience just keeps expanding. Ensure that your videos are optimised for SEO. Write interesting titles and descriptions and then add a link back to your website, products and services to give potential customers the way to take the next step.


“Creativity is one of the last remaining legal ways of gaining an unfair advantage over the competition.”

– Ed McCabe

Why choose Cre8ivedge?

At Cre8ivedge – Creative Agency Melbourne, we understand that choosing the right agency is your number one priority and an important decision. Taking your business to the next level and ensuring that your brand and communication is of the highest standard and on-brand is key, which is why we have outlined a few reasons why we could be your perfect partner.

  • Creative is always backed by sound strategy.

  • Get it right the first time, every time.

  • Create long lasting impressions.

  • Make the simple exciting and the ordinary, extraordinary.

  • Multi cultured, award-winning team.

  • Over 42 years of combined experience.

  • Individually, worked across multiple multinational companies, spanning from Australia, to Singapore and most of South East Asia.

  • Make the process fun and engaging.

  • Truly care about the quality of work we produce.

  • If we say something, consider it done.

  • Inclusive, not exclusive.

  • One-stop-shop of Creative Services.

  • Fully integrated, multi-discipline agency.

  • Award-winning talent producing outstanding work.

  • Upfront and authentic from the get go.

  • Nothing hidden within disclaimers.

  • No add on costs once quoted, unless explained prior.

  • Less guesswork, more experience.

  • Less spend, more savings.

  • Less time, more quality.

  • Less hassle, more fun.

Hoping that we’ve ticked all the boxes and we can start working together soon! Look forward to it.

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Brands we’ve had the opportunity to work with:

A few endorsements

“My brand identity and website were both extremely outdated when Christopher was recommended to me by an associate. Ever since, the results have exceeded all of my expectations. The collateral looks fantastic and the website is comprehensive and really easy to navigate. Since going live we have had numerous favourable comments, with more than a hint of jealousy from some of my suppliers, one of whom is now committed to updating theirs, so as not to be outdone! Christopher has always been enthusiastic, friendly and easy to get along with. His professionalism and attitude towards his work and your business is second to none. He always keeps you and your business needs top of mind and works his creative around it. It’s been a pleasure working with him. Thanks again for an excellent result Christopher.”

Loretta Pearson, Safety Floorings

“Christopher Rodrigues is one of those creative marketing people who can make the routine exciting and the exciting extraordinary. His international experience gives him a special insight into the way Australian’s live and the triggers that motivate them to choose a particular product or service. Christopher is a great talent, but more importantly he can see the big picture from all sides, enabling him to create advertising campaigns that will influence the target demographic. He is the complete package. I know Christopher is one of a new wave of young Australian advertising leaders with fresh, new ideas to take advantage of the new media age.”

John Guthrie, Sasha PR

“Cre8ivedge designed our entire brand and website! We started a new company and wanted a completely new design. Something appealing and contemporary that would help us stand out amongst the competition. I think Chris absolutely nailed this as we’ve had countless remarks about our website and print material. He spent numerous hours consulting with us and working alongside us to make sure he had an excellent understanding of our request and ideas which resulted in a remarkable outcome. Very happy indeed!”

Cassandra Hall, 1300 Driveways

“We recently gave Chris a tall order with a small budget for a TV commercial. He came back within budget and with a fantastic ad. He took the time to find out about our business, what we did and where we were different to others. His creative work made a clear, simple message. You can see the ad here: Choice Financial Advice TV Commercial I would recommend you discuss your advertising with Chris as he has a lot to offer.”

Darryl Jopling, Choice Financial Advice

“Chris has helped us with our website and an a full page ad in the “Money Magazine.” His work is always of the highest quality and we would recommend his work to anyone.”

Jan, Refund Easy

“From our first visit, Chris understood our needs and wants for the business. From the design of the logo, website, brochure and everything in between, Chris was always creative, honest and understanding. It has been a pleasure working with someone who knows his craft and is willing to share his knowledge with others. Thanks for all your hard work Chris.”

Rochelle Avinu, Balance from Within